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Donal M

5 (3 reviews)

After an undergraduate degree at Trinity College Dublin, I did postgraduate research at well-known institutions in North America (Cornell University) and Germany (Tuebingen), teaching writing at the John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines, the largest and most prestigious teaching writing programme in North America. For the past decade I have tutored students to university level in a range of subjects across the humanities and social sciences.

As a tutor I am gentle, and able to share, I hope, an infectious enthusiasm for my subjects. Most importantly perhaps, I work hard to improve my students' grades. Most recently, my work has focused on those contending with a range of obstacles to further learning, including disability and social exclusion, work that has made me sensitive to the needs of those at risk of marginalisation. Drawing on my international experience and knowledge of five national education systems I am well-placed to offer advice about college selection and admissions. procedures.


5 (3 reviews)
Margaret B

Very knowledgeable gentleman who gave an honest accurate assessment and was able to help my son. Thanks Donal

Courtney T

Donal is a brilliant tutor! He went to every length to help me prepare and succeed in my repeat A-Level exam. I highly recommend him!

Fiona W

Donal is an excellent tutor, very professional, friendly and kind, my nephew learned a lot from him.

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