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Corey D

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I'm easy-going, responsible and have a strong passion for teaching. It is my role to not only impart subject knowledge but also to motivate, inspire and build relationships with my tutees.
I was born in Nottingham and moved to Mablethorpe when I was 7 years old, where I had the opportunity to join the local Air Cadets. At the age of 16, I passed a course which enabled me to teach younger cadets. It was at this point when I realised my passion for teaching.
I have always been analytically-minded, I take pleasure in order and apply logic to problem-solving. I chose to take Physics at A-level, and it was during this time when I became more devoted to the subject. I then went on to complete my Physics degree at the University of Nottingham, which involved 3 years of hard-work with an incredible feeling of achievement at the end.

I have been teaching in the Air Cadets for 10 years, usually small groups between 4 - 15 cadets. I find, this way, it is easier to focus and high levels of learning can be achieved fairly quickly.
I have also got experience working in 4 different schools as a student teacher in two schools, with a couple of weeks as an LSA in the other two.

I use the communicative approach to teaching Physics and Maths, as well as practice answering questions as I believe this approach develops the skills of being able to explain how to get to an answer and its significance.

I can teach Physics up to A-level, Maths up to GCSE and Combined Science up to KS3.


5 (1 reviews)
Sonia L

A really good tutor, especially in physics, has helped me learn topics I never understood before really quickly definitely recommend him

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