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Saba W

4.2 (5 reviews)

I'm Saba and I've been teaching maths for the last 15 years. I did my masters and MPhil in maths.

I love teaching maths!

I am currently teaching a range of students from primary level to degree level and some students from different professions, who need to pass GCSE exam before entering the professional college or university.

I try to understand the problems and difficulties of students first and then I try to teach in the way which is most suitable and easy for the learner. I try to explain from basic and try to make the base stronger and give examples to make it easier.
Maths is a universal language , no matter who I encountered, we could always work on maths together.

Send me a message to chat and discuss Maths lessons together.


4.2 (5 reviews)
Nazim R

Exactly what my daughter needed just before her exams. Bespoke and specific to het needs

Christina L

I have been having lessons with Saba since January. Saba is always on time and is very reliable. She is also very patient and doesn't make me feel too silly when I think I am asking silly questions. I am slowly starting to become more confident with maths and hopefully I will be as good as Saba one day! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a maths tutor in the area.

Ali D

I would not recommend Saba as a good tutor as she never turns up on the days of the lessons and that your payment will go through and she didn't have a lesson with you.

Joanne H

My son James, who is 10 years old, is enjoying his maths lessons with Saba. He feels very comfortable with her teaching him and his confidence is increasing with every lesson.

Jane B

My daughter started maths lessons with Saba in September and finds it really helpful going through past exam papers . Saba is very patient and helps to explain topics my daughter hasn't managed to grasp in school and this is helping to boost confidence in maths generally.

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