Cancer scientist with PhD: Inspiration makes learning easier

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Edward L

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Newcastle upon Tyne

Science is fascinating. Sadly, not all students are allowed to see it this way. My approach is to help the student to take a step back from the subject and find something about it that inspires them. Learning is then much easier and much more fun.

I will deliver a tailored approach to the student: together we will identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them to improve. It's also important to identify the way you study best; is it repetition, visual, writing, mind maps or mnemonics? If we find the best way for you to study, we will unlock your potential to learn.

Professional experience:

I am a cancer scientist with a PhD in Cancer Science and a Master's degree in Biochemistry. In addition, I hold grade 8 singing with distinction so I'm happy to offer vocal coaching to beginners and intermediate level singers.

Whilst research into curing cancer is a great passion of mine, helping others to achieve their educational aspirations is another.

I have experience of teaching at undergraduate level, as well as tutoring in A-level biology, chemistry and maths. I am also happy to help GCSE level science and maths students. Furthermore, I was a team leader at the BBC Stargazing Live event in March 2015, where we helped children to understand the science of space.

I have a specialised knowledge of statistics for large datasets, medical statistics and stats for scientists - please ask for details.

I have experience in tutoring students who are not native English speakers, particularly at undergraduate level. Often the biological understanding is there: just a little extra English help can push the marks up into the 2:1 and 1st class levels!

If you are interested in my help please feel free to contact me and we can design a customised tutorial to your needs.


5 (2 reviews)
Phillip D

He's very informative and helps me understand complex things in chemistry and physics well.

Jay T

Ed is very knowledgeable and is very good at explaining in a way that makes the topic interesting and memorable. Always on time and never in a rush to finish. Would 100% recommend.

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