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Mirta V

5 (11 reviews)

I've been giving private Maths lessons since I was in high school. I've taught pupils from the equivalent of secondary school up to A-Levels.

I am experienced and believe that the key to success is good understanding. Maths can be challenging, but isn't exactly that what makes it fun? My method is very simple: I always try to make my pupils find the solution by asking them some simple questions and making them think about each step they do rather than giving them the solution and making them memorize without the real understanding. The most important consequence of working that way isn't just passing the exam and improving the grades, but learning how to think.

I've finished high school (equivalent to A-Levels) in Croatia specialized for Maths and Natural Science. I have unfinished degree of Mathematics on the University of Zagreb.

Croatian high school Maths would cover everything that you need for A-Levels: algebra, sequences and series, functions, logarithms and exponentials, differentiation, integration, trigonometry, vectors, complex numbers, geometry, combinatorics, probability and more.

I am willing to listen to my pupils' needs in order to make personalized plan. I am patient, persistent and hard working person who likes to put a lot of effort into the work. I care about my pupils' progress because their success is my success.

I am willing to travel up to 10 miles if possible and would be very happy to help you with your Maths.

Croatian and Serbian language:
I am a Croatian native speaker. Croatian language is almost identical to Serbian and Bosnian and I feel quite comfortable teaching them.
I've been giving private Croatian classes for adult learners for 3 years.
I always make my own tailored program since there is not many materials for learners. Croatian language has very complex grammar rules, but I always make many examples and exercises which makes my students understand and learn how to use it.
Croatia is a beautiful country, and even though Croatian language can be challenging, it is my first language, I love it, I want to share it and am quite motivated to make my classes interesting which include not only grammar and vocabulary, but also rich culture and beauties of my country.


5 (11 reviews)
Hilary J

Mirta is wonderful. She is well organised but flexible, calm, reliable and has established a lovely rapport with my daughter.

Fiona J

Mirta is friendly, punctual and very well prepared. She is patient and takes her time to go over things thoroughly. My daughter really struggles with maths and is finding the lessons really helpful.

Jo S

Mirta has been fantastic helping to prepare our son for his GCSE. She is always well prepared and incredibly patient!

Shameen A

I find her excellent. My two girls are home schooled and she is brilliant and really patient. My girls get along with her really well! They are still learning with her and we want to carry on- she is great.

Gillian W

My daughter and I have been very pleased with the help Mirta has given in her maths revision. She is good at explaining the simplest methods and is very generous with her time.

Naomi C

what an excellent teacher Mirta she we couldnt have ask for more dhe made my daughter love mayhs due to her teaching techiniques

Vacaas J


Helen S

My daughter loves Mirta.
When Mirta arrived she had a clear plan of what she would teach, when and continues to be focused.
She is supportive throughout the lesson and very patient.
My daughter is really enjoying the lessons.

Leandra O

Lessons are going incredibly well. With mirta lessons are really enjoyable.

Leandra O

My lessons are going amazingly well. With mirta lessons are really enjoyable.

Debbie J

THANK YOU, MIRTA!! I just passed a super important quiz for my university's College Algebra course yesterday with 100% - yet only three weeks ago, I KNEW I was destined to fail (I already had to drop it last year and no amount of online videos and textbooks were making things click).
The pressure was on and I am SO HAPPY that I found Mirta to help me. I knew from her profile that her style of "individual" tuition would work because I was a bit of a difficult case. I was all over the place - understanding some algebraic concepts - yet missing vital basic arithmetic skills.
Mirta's calm, friendly "can-do" approach was to get back-to-basics to see what help I personally needed in order to pass this first exam. You will not be disappointed with Mirta. She is one of the most hardworking people I have met and is very supportive outside of my lessons, as she only wishes for my success, and goes above and beyond expectations to achieve this.
I am SO LUCKY to have found her and cannot recommend her highly enough. Those who prefer to do online Skype lessons might like to know this has worked very well for us; we have accomplished just as much tutoring that way as face-to-face, so we shall now probably continue Skype lessons until I complete (and hopefully pass!) in August.

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