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Tamas V

5 (5 reviews)

I have recently graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MA Degree in English Language and Linguistics. I also hold a BA in English Literature and Music.

From November 2015 until January 2017, I worked at Manchester Communication Academy, a secondary school in Manchester that welcomes a wide variety of students from different ethnic backgrounds. As a Teaching Assistant I have covered multiple lessons throughout this year and I also have my own group of students consisting of both native and non-native speakers of English whom I have to supervise, teach and inspire on a regular basis. Further to this, I also offer one-to-one tutoring sessions as part of my freelance contract with the company called Tutora. For example, in November I tutored a woman who was studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield. With my help she managed to progress and achieve higher marks in all of her modules.

As a teacher I am offering lessons that develop key skills within these three subject areas:
GCSE level English Language and Literature

Music: I offer both electric and acoustic guitar lessons in the following styles: Rock, Progressive Rock and Blues
- Key topics: Music Theory (Harmony, Scales, Chord Theory), Creativity Skills (Composition), Aural Skills, Performance Skills

I am a firm believer that hard work eventually pays off, and that everyone and anyone can aspire to lofty heights. I am offering tuition that addresses the minute practicalities of each of the subjects as well the motivational factors that are involved when learning.


5 (5 reviews)
Saeed A

Tamas is a amazing and experienced tutor who knows the new specifaction very well and provides very productive, well taught and enjoyable lessons. Will definitely recommend this tutor since he helped me get 2 grades higher than I expected in just a few lessons.

Mohammed A

Very good lesson. My boy enjoy his lesson with him.

Beverley W

Tamas has been working with a colleague on her English with emphasis on Business. He is doing a great job and her confidence is building weekly.

Sarah G

Tamas has only given my daughter one lesson but she was so enthusiastic when he had gone about what he had taught her he is friendly and has been punctual all of the time I think my daughter will go far with him xxx

Jennie G

Thomas was able to provide me with much needed help for my English degree, discussing theory and simplifying it for me as well as offering different ideas for research. His ideas have helped me structure my essays more clearly and provide a coherent argument throughout.

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