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Nadiyah M

4.4 (5 reviews)

Note: As I'm currently at University, I'm temporarily offering online tuition only via Skype/Hangouts. I have been doing this for over 6 months now, and it has not affected the learning of my students. Their homework and notes from the lesson are emailed to them and I share my screen to go through the lesson notes and doing example questions.

As a hard-working and reliable Biochemistry undergraduate at Cardiff University, I know the importance of a good education and realise 1-1 help is the best method of success as it provides direct engagement and thus allows for personalised help. I also know this from being a previous tutee myself during my early education, therefore understanding the balance between providing help but also promoting independence and initiative in a student. I believe any person is capable of achieving success, as long as they want to achieve it.

With a developed knowledge of the life sciences as well as excellent grades in Mathematics from GCSE to A-Level, I understand the stress being applied to students in today's society. As a result, I know each student is different, compensating for this with an array of teaching methods, tailored to the individual's needs. I make my lesson notes and homework from scratch, allowing them to be personalised to the student, as well as providing question checkpoints through the notes to ensure progress.

As someone who spent 7 years at Grammar School and did both their GCSEs and A-Levels there, I am also equipped to dealing with admissions exams for a number of grammar and private schools, understanding the techniques on how these should be tackled.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me and I'll reply to you within 24 hours.


4.4 (5 reviews)
Gail C

Nadiyah is professional & friendly. Her methods are easily understood. She is always prepared and plans well for every lesson giving homework. My daughter enjoyed her lessons and felt that her maths had improved.

Pj G

We have come across this tutor on the Tutora website recently, and would highly recommend. During our first meeting she discussed our requirements in detail and has now started to tutor our child. She is a highly organised and knowledgeable individual, she plans lessons tailored to our child's needs. She tutors on a on to one basis which really helps learning. She is friendly and approachable and happy to answer any questions . Having used several tutors in the past I can confidently say that Nadiyah has helped our child the most , and wish we had on,y found her sooner.

Kate C

Nadiyah has been fantastic with my daughter. Already after three weeks my daughter is more confident with her maths. I would recommend nadiyah to any one wanting help for their child in maths.

Sharon L

Millie is really enjoying her time with Nadiyah. She explains things well she is patient and works at Millies pase which is giving Millie confidence. Thank you

Manny G

Great tutor with a positive attitude. Always very professional and polite

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