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Christopher M

5 (5 reviews)

In over 10 years in secondary education I have enthused students in the sciences leading to excellent outcomes in their understanding, enjoyment and academic qualifications. I have also taken on young people who have lost hope of achieving their goals and through support, encouragement and ultimately empowering my students to become confident in their own abilities, they have finished their studies with the grades that reflect their true potential.

My teaching style adapts to my student's needs. I have sent weather balloons in to near space to capture images of Earth's curvature and my students' imaginations. I have also sat with my students and supported them in a one to one settings helping them to re-evaluate their current method of study and helping them to appreciate what needs to change in order for them to attain the necessary grades for their next steps in life.

I am a Biology specialist. I have designed and run courses and achieved the highest results within my school's for student progress. Students get the best results under my guidance. I teach Physics, Chemistry and Biology at GCSE to the highest level and have a track record in turning D/E grades in to A/B grades.

Alongside helping your child to grasp scientific content, I teach exam technique that can be applied across the curriculum to raise your child's attainment and help them to clearly communicate their ideas. I hope that with my help your child gains the confidence, knowledge and skills to continue as a lifelong learner in the sciences.


5 (5 reviews)
Luke B

A superb tutor who looked after my son brilliantly; I don't know what his results will be but nonetheless I am extremely happy with the support.

Mike R

My daughter has been having sessions with Chris for three months since mid February in the lead up to GCSE.

My daughter is a bright girl but felt she didn't quite grasp the subject and was not confident that she would attain the grades she needs to pursue Biology at A level.

Three months with Chris has transformed her view. She now approaches the exam with enthusiasm and a great deal of confidence.

Chris has an easy manner and really understands how to communicate with my daughter. His teaching is excellent.

We will call on him again during my daughters A level course when she needs assistance.

Diane D

I really can't recommend Chris enough. His enthusiasm and approach to tutoring is tremendous. He has been working with our daughter for just a few weeks and already her confidence has improved greatly and her knowledge on the subject.
Chris explains things clearly and logically to his students and gives so much encouragement, which is vital if your child is struggling. Thank you so much Chris for all your help. Hannah has made progress on this week's test papers in school. To the degree that we won't need any further sessions with you. But I know that this just wouldn't have been possible without your help.

Lindsey S

My son has had Chris as a tutor for a few weeks to help him achieve in his mock exams and prepare for his gcse’s. He has improved by two sub levels over that time! His confidence with the subjects has improved dramatically to the point where he feels ready to continue without support! I can’t thank Chris enough. He has been fabulous and worth every penny!

Lindsey S

Chris is a friendly and approachable tutor who relates very well to children. He approaches things from a different angle when necessary to maximise student learning. My son has improved in confidence as well as competence and looks forward to his sessions! He feels like he is learning lots and no longer finds the subjects so daunting!

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