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Lutonady P

5 (3 reviews)

Education is as Fun as it is Important, I tutor so you understand and get where you need to be, at a pace that suits you.
Whether it's Spanish , English or A creative Subject, I tutor for an affordable price.

I have a love for learning and supporting whatever the age. I have good knowledge of many cultures due to my travels. From working in different industries, such as the banking, fashion, marketing, travel and administration I have put into practice everything I have learnt in my GCSE and Alevels which has allowed me to relay information in an understandable way.

I lived in Spain for a whole a summer in 2014. There my fluent Spanish was trained and tested, so I know the language almost to native level. Being a native English Speaker I have first hand knowledge of the language and the schooling system. I have over 14 regular Spanish ,English and Geography students every week that range from the ages of 6 years to 72 years. I help ones that have no knowledge to get to a conversational and intermeadiate/high level. I also assist those with their GCSES and ALEVELS with exam preparation ,assessments writing, grammar, case studies and practice, with a lot of my students jumping up 2 levels or achieving higher than their target grades.

Working in a secondary school as a Cover teacher allows me to have first hand knowledge of the specifications that most exam boards adhere to, classroom experience and a good rapport with children and Adults from different backgrounds.

I love to see people understand and excel in what they think they can't do, so if you want to step into the next level then I'm your person.

Overall I feel that my experience , my school grades and my practical use of the knowledge and skills I have what you need to get your child or yourself that little bit further, and enjoy the best part of their lives.


5 (3 reviews)
Jess S

The boys are loving their lessons. Lutonady makes learning fun for them and they wander around the house speaking the Spanish words and phrases they have learned! Thanks!!

Alice P

Only had 2 lessons so far but Nadia has been really lovely and lets you set the pace. I'm sure I'm going to see improvements over the next few months with my spanish, my understanding is better already.

Lisa C

Great tutor, straight away started to understand what makes my son tick Football!!!) and got onto his level teaching English by adapting examples to things that he loves, He was really happy after the lesson and looking forward to next week. Great job.

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