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Ahmad T

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Hi, I've been studying on an undergraduate Biomedical Science BSc degree at the University of Leeds. I first started tuition in 2012.

Teaching is my specialty, and I love teaching Biology. I`ve had experience teaching A Level Biology (including AQA and OCR) and GCSE Biology (including AQA and Edexcel iGCSE) to many students and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

To date, I have had experience teaching A level Biology to 23 students and GCSE Biology to 5 students. I'm determined to help other students successfully study this brilliant subject. I have also been voluntarily teaching students other Subjects, mainly between the ages of 12-18 at an established educational Institute in Bradford for over two years.

With each student, I made sure my lessons are focused and very efficient, making sure the student thoroughly understands the topic area. After this, I move on to practicing exam style questions with each student (which is critical for a strong exam performance).

One reference for my tuition services is quoted as follows:

From Hamzah: (5/5) Ahmad is a superb Biology tutor with much experience. His intuitive teaching style not only engages the student, but firmly consolidates what the students learns in the lesson.

This reference can be independently verified upon request.

I currently offer A-Level Biology tuition for £15 per hour for students in Bradford (with the first lesson at £5)

*Please note, out of the three sciences at GCSE, I only tutor GCSE Biology

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,


5 (1 reviews)
Sadaf S

Really helpful, he makes sure I understand the topic properly before we move on to the next topic.

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