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Paul B

4.7 (3 reviews)

I'm an experienced secondary maths teacher with excellent results progression. Helping people to understand maths better is something which gives me great joy.

I believe maths is something which helps us think and analyse better. It also helps facilitate independence of thought in the sense of being certain about what is true, what can not be true and what could be true.

Maths is the science of patterns and I am fortunate in that I have a pretty good understanding of many of them. Moreover, I have an appreciation of the history of maths and how it has contributed to both the world we live in and how the world continues to develop. All technology and science is underpinned by physical laws expressed mathematically.

Maths isn't just another subject, it's the subject that most defines science and enables objective study of anything one chooses to study. At its heart it is the essence of objectivity-indisputable knowledge accumulated over time, pushing human understanding further and further in every possible field.


4.7 (3 reviews)
Kirsty H

Paul was very well organised and supportive. My daughter enjoyed her lesson and learnt several new concepts that Paul had identified she needed.

Barima A

Paul is a great tutor he just started with my 10 year old and Maths is now one of his favour subject, would recommend.

Mark B

Well structured lesson. Listens when I have questions and finds different ways to explain the answer until I understand it. Extremely helpful, would recommend.

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