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Ian W

4.7 (6 reviews)

I have been tutoring Spanish privately for almost 5 years as well as having previously taught in a community learning centre doing Spanish for 5 years. My student teacher relations are positive and my present private tutees in Spanish learn in a strong, consistent and enthusiastic manner due to well structured lesson plans where I teach topic by topic on a continuous journey where they know and feel comfortable and confident in terms of where they are going in their learning. I have testimonials to show new students when they begin with me and every lesson is delivered with a typed lesson plan. I am a fully qualified French and Spanish secondary school teacher of 8 years experience including 3 years working full time and 5 years on supply including doing full terms as a language teacher in schools. I have a PGCE in secondary school education from Sheffield Hallam University along with a BA Hons Degree in Modern Languages-French and Spanish from Salford University.


4.7 (6 reviews)
Robert B

Ian has a very good approach. Always well prepared and business like. Friendly and approachable.

Claire S

Ian is a fantastic Spanish teacher who I would highly recommend. My 10 year old son has been having lessons for a while now. He has refreshed his memory of the knowledge he had gained whilst living in Spain for some time. He structures lessons to the students needs and makes them interesting by involving topics that interest your child. He's a friendly chap who's knowledge of the language is brilliant and he's extremely professional. Thank you Ian

Daisy H

Friendly tutor with good knowledge especially for GCSE level French.

Chris H

I've been using Ian now for around a month for my 2 children as we are moving to lanzarote next year.... Ian is fantastic and puts the lesson across really well and as well as getting the kids to learn he also try's to make it fun so they keep interested.... would recommend Ian to anybody as he's a fantastic teachers and makes all lessons different 10/10

Susan F

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Spanish lessons with Ian. He is always well prepared and provides a print out of the lesson for me to refer to. Additionally he is happy to tailor the content of the lessons to topics on request and encourages me to speak and listen to the language. He is always patient and encouraging. I feel that I have learnt an enormous amount in a short time and look forward to putting this into practice.

Jane K

Ian was very courteous and engaged with my son. Came well prepared and got the measure of where we were academically at and how to best progress.

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