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Eleanor R


Welcome to my bio page. I hope this will tell you a little about me and what I can offer to your family.

I have taught in English primary schools for 24 years. Specialising in creative arts and music, I always look for ways to bring the curriculum to life in creative ways.

I have taught KS2 extensively and and been involved in preparing children for SATS and 11+ Maths and English. As a teacher of year 6 for 8 years, head of year 6 for 5 years I have a very thorough understanding of the assessment process, and the pressures put on children at this stage.

As a marker for SATS tests I have a good understanding of the marking system and requirements by pupils. I have marked SATS tests for 4 years, and understand the mark scheme and what is expected of the pupils.

I teach with the child at the centre, and work from the child's prior knowledge, interests and skills. I work collaboratively with pupils to find out how they like to learn best, and what would inspire them to make more progress. I would hope to build on methods and strategies taught in school to avoid any confusion or contradiction.

I am a mum of two boys who I have supported through their own successful SATS and 11+ tests. Successful in gaining places at King Edward VI schools I have a good understanding of the application and assessment process for entry into these prestigious schools.

I currently teach in different primary schools in the Dudley area of the West Midlands, specialising in music and singing in particular.

I am keen to support families and children in need of extra help in phonics, reading and spelling, as well as SPAG, and writing. A passionate believer in children's literature I can chose texts that will inspire young readers. I am very interested in seeing good handwriting, and have had extensive experience supporting children who find handwriting challenging. I use art as a way to encourage correct pen posture and can develop cursive handwriting through stealth!

My interest in teaching primary maths has developed over 24 years and I know that all children will succeed in maths if they get the basics fully embedded. An emphasis on learning related number facts, number bonds and using these facts in problem solving and puzzles can help to reduce the fear of maths that some children have. Using maths in real life can really help, and I often teach maths through stealth, by carrying out practical or creative activities such as food preparation and cooking.

I run my own community children's choir and encourage singing through all areas of the curriculum. All subjects can be taught using singing, and the music (rhythm and melody) embeds itself in the long term memory than words alone.

Outside teaching intun my own gardening business and am keen to involve children in understanding how plants grow and where food comes from. I am a keen baker and cook, and enjoy baking for friends and family.

I look forward to helping your child reach their full potential.

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