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Jilly M

5 (4 reviews)

. Thank you for reading. I am Jilly. I own a company and I'm a qualified teacher with over 20 years experience. I have taught both children and adults. I have been a youth project volunteer for both Girl and Boy scouts since the age of 11 years old. I hold both teaching qualifications and college training qualifications. I have also been invited to speak Internationally on behalf of charities and good causes as well as to be a guest lecturer and speak about Women in business and Celebrities in the Media. My true passion is education. Teaching is my vocation and my joy. Thank you for considering me as a possible teacher.I specialise in teaching English and English as a second language. I also teach a full range of subjects to age 12. I teach English, History, Business to age 16. I routinely teach children K12 online which is the American school syllabus . I work with each child in their own unique learning style and at their own speed. My first step is always to rediscover the joy of learning and to instil confidence in the student.


5 (4 reviews)
Judi L

I’m really really happy with my little girls tutor thank you xx

Judi L

Outstanding really pleased thanks xx

Monique D

Immensely pleased with Jilly’s style of tutoring my son!!! She makes his lessons super fun AND productive for great results!!

Moreover, Jilly has an abundant vibrant energy which is so very much appreciated!! Love seeing my son so excited learning with her !

Monique D

Immensely pleased with Jilly as my sons tutor!! Her delivery in teaching is super fun and tailored to

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