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Zubaira A

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As a university student, I understand the importance of empathy when teaching. Having studied English literature at A-level just a year ago, I became very familiar with the common difficulties that English Literature students are faced with, and quickly developed my own flexible methods to overcome them. I am supportive, patient and thorough with my approach towards students and have had informal tutoring experience during my gap year which I feel has helped to solidify my skills as a tutor. Working with English teachers at my previous high school allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of A-level and GCSE curricula, and what is expected of exemplary students. Not only do I aim to improve grades, but I also aim to help students foster a genuine love and curiosity for the subject itself. I believe in the development individual learning styles which will be transferrable to other subjects as well as being useful for future studies.
Completing a Cambridge Pre-U in Global perspectives has taught me how to think critically, write in a scholarly fashion, and also how conduct research effectively – all of which, are essential skills I hope to pass on.
To begin with, I will assess the student on their strengths/weaknesses, see examples of their past work and engage with them in order to decipher how they may learn best. In my own time I will use this information to gather suitable resources so that each tutoring session is well planned with their personal targets in mind. Furthermore, I will always be open to feedback and will adjust my teaching accordingly.


5 (1 reviews)
Nita G

Amazing, friendly and excellent !!

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