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Aisling M

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Academically, I chose English and Philosophy for my honors undergraduate degree solely for my enjoyment. In this age where social media and electronic communications are becoming ever rifer with emoticons, 'text-speak', memes, slang, and poor grammar, I believe it is imperative the we equip the upcoming generations with an appreciation for the beauty and utility of language. I want to encourage young people to value their unique talents and develop their full potential and in so doing, contribute to the building of a happier and more fulfilled future society. I think a key part of this is celebrating and encouraging each and every child's expression of independent thought and their developing self-responsibility.

I am experienced both as a teacher in the classroom and as a tutor outside of school hours. I do believe that children should have a positive work ethic and try their best while in the classroom. However, extra tuition can provide both pupil and parents with that extra bit of confidence and reassurance to get them through their examinations.


5 (1 reviews)
Brenda M

Aisling is very approachable and I feel my daughter is getting more confidence with her English as Aisling explains the lesson well.

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