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Patrick H

5 (3 reviews)

I am a motivational teacher who uses the subject matter taught as a base to help young people to excel, not only in the subject itself, but also in life.
It is is all about creating a learning environment that inspires students to be their best 'self'.

I have successfully taught sports and drama over the years and now through the process of writing a book and motivational program, 'The Ultimate Power of You', A Guide to Honouring Your Time, (releasing in 2017), am successfully helping students in English Language, English Literature and Spelling and Grammar.


5 (3 reviews)
Miranda W

Patrick helped my son pass school entrance exams with lessons that were fun, engaging and thorough. He's currently tutoring my daughter. An entirely different character who he seems to know exactly how to handle. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He cares.

Pam B

Patrick is a fantastic tutor. After the first lesson, my son understood essay writing and as the lessons continued his writing improved. His teaching methods are fun and enjoyable.

Patricia K

Patrick is the tutor of my 7-year-old son who is homeschooled at the moment. He is brilliant! As my son has anxiety Patrick is very patient and he teaches him through games. It is lovely to hear him reading books as he makes the stories come alive.
Patrick definitely made a change for my son and really engaged him with learning again.

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