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Anthony A


I am an experienced Mechanical Engineering Lecturer having lectured in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lincoln College. I hold a Bachelor and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Distinction) from the University of Hertfordshire. I’m an Associate Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. I am available for tuition in Mathematics and Physics up to the undergraduate level.

I taught Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics,AutoCAD and Mechanical Principles to Royal Air Forces, Siemens, Badcock staff at Lincoln College (Ofsted rating: Outstanding). Also, I mentored Mechanical Engineering Students of the University of Sheffield on projects and assignments.

My tutoring approach involves:
- Interview: Initially, I will interview the learner to find his/her level of the subject. This will give me insight from where to start my tutoring with the learner.
- Demonstrative teaching (Pedagogy). I like demonstrating my teachings to my learners.
- Interactive: Interaction will build confidence and stimulate their interest in the subject.
- Tutor's questions, learner prepared questions, assignments and past questions

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