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Fahmida C

4.8 (6 reviews)

I am currently a final year student, studying an English (BA) Hons. After my degree I hope to complete my PGCE teaching degree in Secondary English.

I am a bilingual speak who is fluent in three languages.

I am approachable and open to questions, I encourage curiosity from my pupils. I have been a private tutor for the past three and a half years, leading pupils of all ages varying from the ages of 6-17.
I am currently an employed tutor at a tuition centre and have been working there for the past year.

I am a strong believer of motivation and am willing to go the extra mile for anyone I teach. For 'Knowledge is the power to success!' :D

I can ensure that I am flexible and more than willing to adapt my teaching methods to suit any situation. I understand that each pupil is different, thus my teaching approach will have to suit the individual I teach. I employ a variety of methods and encourage parents along the way to ease the child/learner into their learning experience. I hope to make the learners experience as fun and memorable as possible! Every lesson will carry new surprises.


4.8 (6 reviews)
Kem B

Had a really good session with this tutor. She turned complex information into a simple format and made sure I got the most out of the session. Would definitely recommend!

Sumera F

Fahimda was great at providing me with feedback and her constructive criticism. I'm always losing marks on my references and she even helped with those. I just hope I've done enough to actually pass now. If I pass with a decent mark, I'll definitely be using her services again.

Zarah M

Fahmida is a great tutor.She knows what she is talking about and helps you understand in a way that helps yiu and it stays in your head.I have had my first lesson and I can say that she is really good compared to the other ones i have had in the past.I see a big difference and i know if i continue to have this tutor i would be really good grades.

Amina S

Wonderful tutor that has effective teaching techniques!!

Rabby K

She is the ideal teacher i been looking for my daughter and so happy i have found her.

My daughter loved learning with fahmida and is looking forward to her next class.

Thank you very much.

Muinat J

Fahmida was polite and down to earth .Even my 11 yrar old son who hated studying gradually came out of his shell and accepted her. .He really looks forward to the next lesson with Fahmida.He said Fahmida is very nice and patient. .Fahmida assessed our son,understood his level and built on that..We are happy that we chose Fahmida .

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