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Laura G

4 (2 reviews)

Anthropologist from Colombia with an intense curiosity in languages. I speak fluent English and Spanish, and would love to help people connect with this languages and the cultural world that they can enlighten. That, mixed with my anthropological background enables me to teach about Latin America to those interested in it, or in anthropology in general.

In high school I volunteered, during my last two years, to tutor those students who were in risk of falling. Later in other stages of my academic life, I’ve taken the role to tutor those around me, both in the social sciences as in languages. I’ve taken classes about pedagogical methods and interactive learning.

I put in first place the person’s interest and goals, they set the path to follow; because after all, it’s the person who has to get what they want out of tutoring. But, I also focus on teaching how to learn; there’s an individual way in which everyone learns and discovering it should be in the list of priorities.


4 (2 reviews)
Ashley M

I highly recommend Laura as a Spanish tutor. She’s patient, encouraging and really friendly. ¡Estupendo!

Katrina M

Laura is a fantastic tutor who is very professional in her approach. Our son is really enjoying his lessons with Laura. We would highly recommend!

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