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Jamila T


I am a Midlands based Art Worker and exhibiting Artist I have community Art experience with individuals of all ages.

My creative interests lie in colour, narrative and texture.

I have collaborated with various schools and tutored on a 1 to 1 basis; on Photography, Illustration, Social media. I have worked on a arts award project at Kinghurst Art Space.

I have also worked with Staffordshire Arts and Museum Service, Walsall NHS, Towers Above Project, Shropshire Council, South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS, Solihull Art gallery, Addaction Walsall, The Switch Project, V Inspired, Taking Part, Sandwell NHS, Creative Health CIC, The Qube, I-gnition and Telford Mind.

I believe that Art can transform and empower people; giving a “voice” to those who find it hard to express themselves verbally and or written form. I feel that by being creative, it can act as a connection with the outside world. Community Art promotes inclusion, creativity, empathy and respect. I aim to give participants and opportunity to have choices and control their time within my projects/sessions.

I have experience working with individuals with challenging behaviour and or mental health issues.

I am passionate about promoting Well-being through as many methods as possible, to everyone at any stage in their lives, especially those people who are most vulnerable. Creativity to me, is a fun, expressive, important, social, experimental way to explore this. I regularly use the NEF's 5 Ways to Well-being themes and ideas with my Arts for health projects and workshops as well as with my non Arts for health projects and workshops.

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