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Gerard W

5 (3 reviews)
Saint Austell

I am a First Class Music Technology graduate with a passion for all music and bringing music to all. I have experience with working in the music industry through freelance Audio Engineering and also play numerous instruments. Tuition is relaxed and personalised to every student with the intention of bringing a vocational education with practical uses in the real world.

Tuition takes place within my small home studio setup which contains guitars, basses, keyboards, synths and production+recording capabilities. The studio rig is a brilliant example of a vocational setup while still maintaining studio grade recording standards which students could easily afford themselves if they wish to pursue music and production.

The current subjects available for tuition are:


* Guitar (up to Intermediate)
* Bass (up to Advanced)


* Music Production (Logic Pro X) (up to Advanced)
* Synthesis Theory (up to Intermediate)
* Programming in Pure Data (up to Intermediate)
* Recording Audio (up to Intermediate)

Other subjects which will be coming soon:

* Dulcimer (Beginner)


5 (3 reviews)
Louise M

I had my first lesson and knew instantly this was going to work, it was a breath of fresh air. I have tried to self teach using a beginner bass book and using online tab. I was however not progressing so tried a few lessons with another teacher, which did not work out as I didn't play the bass once. The teacher downloaded tab of songs ( could have done myself) talked loads about their life, tv shows etc and that was it! ( not much bass talk!) After a few lessons realising this was not a one off, I decided to use Tutorful, after searching online for a reputable website. Gérard W. makes the lesson fun, I actually got to play bass the entire time whilst being taught so many things I did not know and all completely relevant. I have come home "buzzing" because for the first time I have realised just how awesome the bass is and also I am now with a teacher who is inspiring, interesting, fun and instead of the lesson being tedious it is the complete opposite. I am so looking forward to the next one, the time passed so quickly. I find the way he teaches, I have retained everything from start to finish and for someone who finds learning difficult this speaks volumes! I really recommend Gérard because he knows music, he lives and breathes it and is genuine.

Johnny H

As a complete beginer this was a great first lesson!
Easy to understand and very helpfull.
I booked my second lesson straight away!

Highly recomended


David P

Its not often I leave reviews, but I wanted to leave one for Gerard. I've just started out learning the Bass. I can see only with one lesson I will learn a lot from him, I have come away feeling " I can do this" and a lot happier.

I can really recommend Gerard, I'm looking forward to me next lesson

Thanks Gerrard

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