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Flavia M


Hello, my name is Flavia Mongiello, I am 21 years old and I am a third year Law student at the University of Reading.

I was born in Rimini, Italy, where I grew up and lived until I was 19. I moved to England leaving all my family and friends and started my new exciting experience.

During the past summers I tutored teenagers in different subjects, helping them getting ready for the next school year and I have always received really positive feedback from all of them.
If what you need is an enthusiastic and driven tutor that can help you enjoy subjects like Italian, Spanish, English, Latin, Ancient Greek and History of Art do not hesitate and contact me!

My method of teaching is easy and organised in a way that catches the student's attention and makes them an active part of the lesson. I usually start by explaining the theory -that can be a grammar rule or vocabulary - and interacting with the student. Then I ask the student to make examples on the thing just learnt and providing an explanation on the example. In the other part of the lesson the student will be provided with exercises so that he/she will put the theory into practice. During language lessons, conversation will be a fundamental part as I think that the more a student speaks, the more confident he/she gets.

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