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Louise R

5 (5 reviews)

I am currently a medical student at Cardiff University. During my academic career I have achieved As and A*s at GCSE and an A grade at A2 level in French, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Throughout this time I received teaching from various tutors which makes me extremely relatable and understanding of your position. I have taught french to friends in a casual manner as I am thoroughly passionate about the language and about sharing knowledge and have also helped both of my brothers with their A levels. I began tutoring Maths and French professionally over a year ago, and am proud to say I have had great successes. Whilst I have no formal training in teaching I am approachable, patient and keen to teach which allows me to develop a positive working relationship with my students and achieve excellent results.


5 (5 reviews)
Louise B

A fantastic tutor. My son is currently about to sit his GCSE s and louise is very patent with my son (who does not like to learn at the best of times lol)
Louise kept him interested and motivated and I think it helped with her being young and relatable.

Many thanks louise.

Vicky K

Louise is helping my daughter with her math gcse. Lily felt comfortable with her straight away, she has found Louise to be very friendly and extremely patient.
Her confidence is growing in this subject as it is starting to make sense. I am now confident she’ll get the grade she deserves.

Aderyn C

Really really helpful and willing to explain things as much as needed. Very friendly and easy to understand.

Kay K

My daughter is finding her lessons enjoyable, helpful. Louise is nice friendly and explains things in a way that my daughter is finding the lessons easy

Alison C

Louise is a very able and pleasant tutor, she readily engages with my daughter, no mean feat. She is punctual knowledgeable and always listens. Very pleased.

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