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Lukas F

5 (9 reviews)

My name is Lukas, I was born in Austria, just graduated from Cambridge (First Class) and love tutoring!

Teaching Approach

I am really enthusiastic about languages and philosophy. I think I can inspire my students and make them care for their subject. This is the best approach to teaching. Being well-prepared, reliable, clear and patient are the necessary basics.


My tutoring experience includes teaching more than 70 students in German, Philosophy, Latin, Ancient Greek, English (as a foreign language) and Oxbridge admissions. German is my first language. I studied Latin for 6 years, Ancient Greek for 4 years.


When I attended a Gymnasium in Austria, I discovered my love for ancient languages (Latin and Greek). Reading more and more about the ideas of those times, I got into philosophy and the big questions. My first extended essay at school dealt with the question of free will. Before going to uni, I worked as a paramedic for 9 months. This taught me a lot about how to deal with people. During the last four years, I studied Philosophy at Cambridge, but I never lost my passion for languages. Now I am here in London, doing a PhD at UCL and ready to share my knowledge with you!


5 (9 reviews)
Elizabeth W

When we found Lukas our dreams came true. He comprises the best qualities of a tutor one can wish for. Lucas is an excellent teacher and mentor. Not only does he know well subjects he teaches, but also he knows the methodology. He is extremely bright, intelligent, funny, easy going and absolutely charming. He teaches our 12 year old boy German and Latin. Lessons last two hours each and our son is in seventh heaven, never bored, always happy and wanting more. His progress in languages is amazing and yet the lessons seem to be effortless and relaxing. We are truly impressed.

Imogen T

My son was quite resistant to having any tutoring, however after the first session he was keen to rebook AND for longer ! I am thrilled with

Joseph T

Lukas was brilliant and incredibly helpful. With his guidance he taught me the fundamental concepts surrounding Frege and helped me apply his theory to a university level philosophy essay. Thank you for your help.

Scott A

Lukas has been great at setting a steady pace of progress and introducing us to German. We have been getting a lot out of the lessons so far and are happy with the tuition. Thanks :)

Robin Y

This was my first lesson with Lukas, and I found it one of the best I'd had. We talked almost entirely in German and I understood most of what he said. He was alert, pleasant, professional and helpful, giving me much -needed confidence after my having not spoken German for 2 years. I look forward to further lessons with him, perhaps weekly.

Daniela B

Lukas is a vey reliable, knowledgeable and friendly Classics tutor who helped our daughter greatly. I highly recommend him.

Oksana P

A friendly tutor with an open-minded approach, flexible and cooperative. His Austrian background is also valuable for curious heads - this helps get a comprehensive idea about differences of German language (north-Germany, Bavaria, Austria).

Katerina K

I very much enjoyed my German class with Lukas. The initial communication was easy and quick. He is very reliable, friendly, understanding and his way of teaching is practical and efficient. Thank you

Henrietta E

Lukas gave my son a philosophy lesson as he's struggling with the subject in his first term at uni. Lukas was great at helping him to understand it all better and also with calming him down. I was so pleased with the outcome so thoroughly recommend him for others needing some extra help. Thanks Lukas!

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