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Andrew M

5 (10 reviews)

I am a patient and passionate individual. I believe anyone can learn given the right help and with time. I offer a calm and structured approach that focuses on students’ understanding the material and also the underlying concepts. I will help set goals, track student progress and offer feedback to make sure those goals are met.

I live in South East London in the Rotherhithe area. I am open and friendly so please get in touch if you would like to talk.

I have a Masters with Merit in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Leeds. Studying a history degree means that I am able to communicate difficult concepts.

I have previous experience tutoring GCSE mathematics and working with school groups in historical object handling sessions. I am capable of planning and delivering engaging, content rich lessons.


5 (10 reviews)
Sarah C

In just two lessons to-date, Andrew has embedded a love of maths into my son one again. His calm, nurturing approach and excellent knowledge of the GSCE maths curriculum is such a great support and is helping the most difficult reasoning questions make sense. We feel very lucky to have Andrew as a tutor.

John A

Andrew is a really clear and careful maths tutor. He takes time to explain concepts from the basic definition through to the practical usage in mathematics. He's a calm and considerate person who understands that a student needs to work through mathematics at their own pace. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Hannah W

Andrew is a great tutor, kind, calm and patient and we would recommend him to anyone looking for extra help with maths. Our daughter moved from France to the UK a year ago and was struggling with maths. Andrew is now giving her excellent support and guidance and she is finding his lessons both helpful and enjoyable.

Angel T

I have had Andrew tutoring my 8yr old daughter for about 2 months. My daughter looks forward to him coming as he takes time to explain and teach her new stuff. He has a good calm personality

Wendy H

My son was very impressed with Andrew and his broad knowledge of his subject area. Andrew's calm and relaxed approach to teaching was appreciated and certainly helped to build my son's confidence.

Johur A

Great tutor, always prompt and on time. Maths subjects explained clearly so that it is understood better, great teaching overall

Yvonne K

Very happy with the work Andrew is doing with our son, William. Always very patience and with detailed explanation on subject. Thanks so much.

Cannon E

Andrew is very polite and on time and very helpful in teaching maths to my children. I would recommend andrew.

Tony H

Andrew is an excellent tutor. He is extremely detailed in explaining how and why, and my son has come on in leaps and bounds, and as a result of increased understanding, thoroughly enjoys his lessons. I would wholeheartedly recommend Andrew to other parents and students.

Debra T

My daughter is Andrew's student. She finds him to be calm and patient. He explains and gives her time to work through any problems to achieve a better understanding. He has provided her with some useful resources such as a glossary of terms used in mathematics and practice exam papers which he marks or goes over with her at the next lesson. He does not rush her as she finds the subject difficult but steadily steers her along. I find him to be very pleasant with a calm manner which is ideal partnering and will be conducive to her learning. I have faith that his tutoring will lead to a successful result at exam time.

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