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Joseph P

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Hi! I'm Dr Joseph, I work professionally as an aerospace engineer for Rolls-Royce PLC in research and future technology, and I love mathematics. I have a strong passion for learning, which also means I have a strong passion for helping others learn. I'm friendly, sociable, patient, and I am good with students of all ages. I currently work with children and adolescents of all ages and backgrounds as a STEM Ambassador, so I can effectively tailor the help needed based on the individual student. I can teach up to GCSE level, however, A Level subjects would require too much of my personal time to properly commit to. My teaching style is very much based in reality; I find that mathematics is better understood and learned through real-world application examples. I use mathematics every day, and as such, I can provide useful real-life examples that will interest any student.


5 (1 reviews)
Matthew J

Great tutor would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone. Overall a great guy and can make learning enjoyable.

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