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Moesa M


A successful teacher is one who can form strong relationships with their students. By doing this and catering my teaching to the students way of thinking, using a range of relatable analogies and examples, I can aid the student in learning the most and developing an interest in the subject.

I like to tackle problems at a fundamental level as I recognise that often when a student doesn't understand something it is a problem that lies in the core of the subject. Or I will familiarise the student with how academics (e.g. mathematicians, physicists, economists etc.) in that field will approach the problem at hand. In other words, I will go beyond the basic material in the course. This is the teaching style I've developed; inspired by the renowned physicist and teacher, Richard Feynman.

My experience in tutoring comes from high school. Due to my recognised teaching ability, I tutored 1st year A-level Physics students being in 2nd year A-Level.

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