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Chris C

5 (4 reviews)

I'm originally from Hertfordshire, but now live in Derby.
After school I worked in IT for several years before returning to education. I studied Computing and IT at The Open University and graduated with honours.
I have experience tutoring in a variety of subjects. I used to volunteer at an adult computer skills centre, and I currently volunteer each Saturday with a young adult group (18-29).
I've been tutoring with Tutora for a year now and have helped many students to improve their grades and succeed at their GCSEs.
Maths is a very important subject for today's children to get a good understanding of if they want to progress in almost any career. I believe, with the right teaching, any child is capable of getting great results at school which sets them up for a better life in the future.


5 (4 reviews)
Dena J

Chris is a polite,respectful Tutor. I was very comfortable having him in my home and my daughter felt very at ease with his teaching styles. My daughter has regained her confidence in maths which was noticeable after the first few sessions.
I would definitely recommend Chris and we will be using him again for post 16.
Thank you Chris for your time and attention.

Lesley O

Chris is prompt, polite and my son tells me he explains the work clearly and my son is not afraid to ask him questions (unlike he is at School). I was very impressed that Chris took time out of his day the other week to let me know that my son had mentioned he didn't have a scientific calculator. ( He never mentioned it to me). Chris advised me on which one to get. I would highly recommend Chris. Thank you for all youre doing Chris. Regards Lesley

Sandra P

My son has had his fourth session this evening with Chris and we are all feeling positive on his progress so far.

Denise R

My son was struggling with his ICT so I decided to get some extra help for him.

I spoke to Chris and instantly felt that I had found the right person to assist Mckenzie .
He assisted him with a piece of work which when he handed it in received praise for the standard of work . This has only served to give my son confidence in the subject . McKenzie did ask if he could have him twice a week but thats his idea of a joke . The reality is that McKenzie feels he can learn from Chris and is enjoying the experience .


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