Primary school specialist in Maths & English KS1, 2 & 3

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Noor B

4.5 (4 reviews)

I am an experienced primary school teacher with the right attributes & skills with the backing of over 5 years of relevant experience. I am a parent Governor of a prestigious school of the local Borough- Hunters Hall Primary school. I am a graduate in BA Hons in International Business Management from London Metropolitan University. I enjoy working with children and helping them reach for their dreams through their education. I believe every child should be valued and treated with respect & education should empower a child and help him or her make a positive contribution to our world.

Following are my key attributes:

I build the coursework around critical and creative thinking; around interpretation, decision-making, and problem-solving; around learning how to learn.

I provide active learning opportunities. Passive learning, such as reading, watching and listening has its place, but active learning is where the lesson grabs hold. Learning-by-doing carries a certain “stickiness.” You learn to build an argument, or a bridge, by building the argument, or the bridge.

I provide leadership. In the classroom, I establish both academic and personal credibility. Students want to know I have a trustworthy, competent and energetic guide when I embark on a new subject. Lectures, classroom discussions, office hours—all of it—must reinforce for students the potential for significant learning.

I offer plenty of feedback. I communicate with The students regularly, providing up-to-date appraisals

I promise a fair grading system, one that is based on learning outcomes: objective and honest, flexible where necessary, but consistent—across-the-board—for all students, and communicated up-front in the syllabus.


4.5 (4 reviews)
John I

I don’t usually leave a review but this time I have to make an exception for an amazing and professional teacher. Noor is a great teacher and I could not have wished for a better one, I have seen great improvement in my son and can not thank her enough. From her teaching skills to discipline is just spot on and her knowledge of the school curriculum is of great importance to her delivery . I would greatly recommend her to anyone that require her services . She has also created a great bond with my son, she’s just simple very good.

Shelley D

Noor is helping my daughter a great deal. My daughter is 5 and the youngest in her year and has found the transition from reception to year one a little challenging. Noor has engaged immediately with her and they have a great learning repor, she is progressing quickly and getting up to the level she should be at. I’m very happy with Noor’s input to my daughters early years education. It’s been one of the most important investments I’ve made towards my daughters upbringing so far. I couldn’t recommend her enough. I am very happy, with the way she is helping my daughter, and my daughter likes her too. She doesn’t put too much pressure on her but she is very engaging, she influences her to want to learn at a quick a rate as she can within her ability. Very much worth the money, very kind, pleasant, polite and personable. I highly recommend her. Many thanks Noor.

Daljeet B

Arjan has improved a lot with your help.
I'm really happy with your tutoring.

Mandy M

Noor arrives on time on a weekly basis and has created a positive and comfortable relationship with my 9 year old daughter. After each session I am privided with a summary of my daughter's progress and areas for her to work on for the week ahead. I feel confident my daughter is making the desired progress particularly as her confidence is growing in maths.

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