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Aijian Z

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I am a year 2 Civil Engineering student at Cardiff University, who keeps an average score at 95%. I have travelled around the world and learned from different people, so I would like to teach other people what I know as well.

I am originally from China, and Mandarin is my first language. I started to help my classmates to study and assist teachers in marking assignments when I was in primary school. When I was 16, I was bored with the school because it was too easy, so I applied for an exchange student program and lived in Denmark for one year. During my time in Denmark, I learned their language and culture, as well as enjoyed their life. At the end of the year, my Danish was good enough for me to work as a guest teacher at local schools. My job was to teach pupils from year 1 to year 11 about Chinese and Chinese culture in both English and Danish. I was so successful that the newspaper gave me an interview.

After I went back to China, I knew I would like to go university in another country, because this world is so huge. However, it was difficult for me to choose a major, since I am interested in everything. The even worse part is that I am also good at everything I tried. Ever since I was a kid, I was eager to understand how this world works and hoped one day I could change it into a better place. During my high school time, I finished more than 30 college courses from MOOC like Coursera to gratify my curiosity. And when I was in Denmark, I was offered an internship opportunity in ABB, where I was taught of the basic engineering theory and exposed to the latest technology. I enjoyed the elegance of science and practical application of engineering. Therefore, I chose to study Environmental Engineering in Canada.

However, life seldom plays as you planned. After my first year in college, I was hired by a civil engineering consultant company for an eight-month work term. As an engineering technician, I worked in a seven-people team under the land development department to supervise the infrastructure construction of a new subdivision. It was my job to plan, draft, survey, inspect, coordinate, document and control the quality of the underground service and the surface roadway construction. Working in the field with the engineers and the contractors, I found that the theories I acquired from the classes became alive. I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I was in charge of six projects and witnessed a subdivision born from the bushes. It was the first time I seriously thought about my passion and potential in the field of civil engineering. I discovered that it was my dream to build something that would survive beyond me. As a result, I switched my major to Civil Engineering Technology.

It was a decision I am proud of. Back to college, I was surprised by my ability of understanding mechanics and solving problems, as well as my obsession to design unique structures. I became to appreciate the horrifying mathematic and physic courses in Chinese high school, because they provided me the foundation of building the further engineering skills. After I graduated with a first class score from Saskpolytechnic, the company I worked for my work term offered me a job due to my excellent performance. I struggled at that time, because on the one hand, I got the job I really wanted and I could start my dream life, on the other hand, I believed I could achieve more. Therefore, I made one of the hardest decisions in my life, which is to give up everything I built in Canada and come to Cardiff University to study for a world-class degree.

My life is an adventure that is not limited to my professional field. In the middle school, I wished to be a writer, because I felt a need for my voice to be heard. After several years of writing, I developed an interest in language and worked on translation between English and Chinese to help people understand the other culture. Currently, I am learning German alongside my degree and I work as a Student Language Ambassador with Language into Routes, which means I provided classroom support and gave career talks to promote languages in schools. My experience of visiting different places, studying in different countries, meeting different people and trying different things helps me appreciate and cherish the diversity of this world. At last, before I went to Canada, I fell in love with film-making due to my desire for beauty and creation. I won a global movie contest in 2014, and the prize was to visit New Zealand with the crew from the Lord of the Rings and to watch the final chapter of the Hobbit movie with Sir Peter Jackson.

That’s me. Looking forward to meeting you.


5 (2 reviews)
Laura K

Aijian is exrelemy helpful and very patient. She has helped be gain a much better understanding of various A level maths topics and has made maths a lot easier to understand just in general.

Sagal F

A very nice tutor overall, very polite, well educated and articulate. She can relate to those that she tutors and can make them feel at ease and comfortable. I have had her tutoring my brothers for 2 lessons now and their knowledge has increased greatly and the change and confidence in them has increased significantly

A pleasure!

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