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Solomon A

5 (3 reviews)

I am a part time Tutor and 3rd year PhD student at a UK University with over one year teaching experience. I teach International Financial Accounting and Introduction to Marketing and Communications. I am passionate, patient and determined to help you understand the subject. A trial will convince you. I offer a broad range of tutoring subjects but priority will be given to A-Level and degree students in business and management related fields. I live in Bradford and will be doing my teaching at the Postgraduate Lounge or Room 101 at the University of Bradford. I can travel in special cases but you will have to arrange that with me. My main specialisation is on Accounting and Finance, Business and Management and Research. I am able to guide you and help explain difficult aspects of your studies to you. I can also help prepare you for your exams or course works. Please kindly contact me should you need any further information.


5 (3 reviews)
Mohammed A

Very helpful

Abdullah R

Excellent tutor

Victoria S

Solomon was really professional and friendly, he made me feel at ease and he made sure to explain things in a way in which I could understand, as well as helping me gain understanding specific to my research project needs. I now feel more confident to progress with my work in a clear and constructive way.

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