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Mary T

5 (3 reviews)

From a young age, hearing stories of my mother's career as a play-by-ear pianist and music teacher in a school, I have been passionate about music and determined to pursue a career as a musician.
Having worked hard to gain academic and practical experience in the field I am confident that I have the ability to succeed at undergraduate level.

I have been studying music in the conservatoir beside my studies at school since I was young and it lasts until I reach the University. I was a very talented child and I've always been the top of my class in music theory and Piano performance.

It is performing and sharing my love of music with others that has truly inspired me.
I have performed lots of Concerts in many venues. I also started to teach Piano when I was in secondary school.

I am a hardworking and dedicated student with the passion and ability to make a real contribution as a musician. I believe that there's always something you can learn, whatever the knowledge you've reached you'll always be a student .


5 (3 reviews)
Paul H

l am very pleased with the way my lessons are and I am being tourt at a pace suitable for my ability and Mary is always pleasant and friendly

Miuni G

Mary us a fantastic teacher and work really hard with my little girl. She feel relaxed and enjoy her lesson . Mary give homework , flash cards and lots of information .
I recommend her to anyone who is looking for piano lessons .

Christopher E

Mary is a very good Tutor.

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