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Andy M


I am a playwright and author with an MA in Creative Writing from University of East Anglia. I have extensive experience of tutoring A Level and GCSE students, as well as students taking Nationals and Highers.

I tutor English Language, Literature and Creative Writing.

I work with students and parents to assess what areas they need to develop and improve in, as well as their existing strengths and interests. I then combine these to ensure that my tutoring focuses on the weaker areas, but also remains enjoyable and rewarding, helping them to achieve the grades they need.

My plays include After We Danced, Casual Encounters and Are You Lonesome Tonight? all of which have enjoyed highly successful runs at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Are You Lonesome Tonight? had its US premiere in 2014.

My experience as a writer gives me a unique level of insight that I bring to my tuition, helping students to analyse texts in depth, see how themes and messages are delivered, and understand the context that will have influenced the writer and original audiences .

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