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Ian D

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Hello! I’m Ian Devlin and I’m a professional guitar tutor based in and around Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been playing for 25yrs now, teaching guitar for the last 16yrs. I also play keyboard, drums and bass and I’m currently studying to get my music degree.

I’ve a ton of live and studio experience, playing in bands and doing a lot of session work over the years.

Why come to me for lessons? Because I made a lot of mistakes with my playing as a kid. It’s only through serious practice and study that I’ve learned what mistakes I made and how to help others avoid the same pitfalls.

With me, you’ll learn useful chord progressions, you’ll develop your own songs, you’ll be able to play the major scale in any position and in any key, you’ll be able to harmonize chords on the spot and you’ll also become a wizard at improvising.

Drop me a message or give me a call.

Hope to see you soon,


5 (1 reviews)
Dawn H

My son had his first lesson with Ian yesterday and he loved it. Ian was very patient with him and was great at teaching him a few things. He's really looking forward to his next lesson now. I would definitely recommend Ian to anyone looking for a good guitar tutor.

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