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Elliott W

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Hello, my name is Elliott. I have played piano for nine years, and I have attained qualifications in music and piano ranging from ABRSM to academic qualifications (see qualifications).

I am currently the Organist and Musical Director at St Paul’s Church, Masbrough. There I play for services, funerals, help organise events, run the Church Choir and complete numerous administration duties. I also assist the choral director with running the Community Choir. I also work as a free lance organist playing at a variety of different churches for weddings and funerals. I perform as a musician in local concerts and also assist in organising them.

I am currently a commuting student at York St. John University where I study English Literature BA(hons).

As a scholar of Literature and Church Music, I have a key interest in hymnal discourse and language generalisation. I am interested in how poetry transforms into hymns, and how social, political or religious implications causes the meaning of hymns to change.

I enjoy teaching the piano and have been teaching privately growing my experience. I teach both in my own residence and travel to pupil's residence. I teach the ABRSM exam syllabus for pupil's wishing to progress onto grades in both Piano and/or Theory, or teach pupils for pleasure/fun.
I currently teach a wide age bracket, ranging from 6 years old to adults which allows me to gain experience with a variety of ages.

For pupil's taking piano exams - I always start lessons for those doing examinations with one or two sight reading exercises, then allow time for discussion about what they found tricky, whether it is rhythm, time signature, key signature. Depending on the length of the lesson, the lesson then addresses their three pieces from the A, B and C section. If I find that piece takes up the full lesson (yet again, depending on the length of the lesson) then I will devote the next lesson to Scales, Aural or Sight reading. I always aim to give pupil's a short mock examination before the exam to prepare them for the examination setting and to allow them to receive constructive and more importantly positive feedback.

For pupil's taking theory exams - In theory lessons I always take a pupil through the ABRSM Graded Theory Books (depending on their level) and we actively talk through and answer the questions in the theory book. Once this is completed we spend time going through past examinations to let the pupil understand the structure of the exam paper and allow them to practice their skills.

For pupil's having lessons for fun - Whether it is beginners or intermediate pupils, I always apply a short theory side to the lesson then allow them to put it/see it in a practical sense. I am always open to the pupil's choice of song or music genre that they wish to learn.

I believe that interaction with the pupil's parents/guardians is very important to demonstrate an individual's progress. Communication is essential to develop the pupil's learning both inside and outside lessons.

I strongly encourage an active, positive and happy learning environment where pupils are allowed to enhance their musical ability in a thriving way. I always cater my lessons for the pupil's individual abilities.


5 (2 reviews)
Saiqa W

Absolutely amazing service through the lesson

Khadija L

Fun, personalised lessons.

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