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Anthony S

5 (3 reviews)
Newcastle Upon Tyne

I have over 14 years of teaching in mainstream schools and have taught a full range of abilities and years from year 7 to year 12. My longest experience was at an outstanding school in Essex. During that time I also tutored privately a number of pupils over the year who asked me to help them. This is the first time I have decided to be active in seeking students as I enjoyed and was successful in tutoring in Essex and I am new to this area and not established here but would like to do more tutoring.
I teach according to the ability of my pupils and will adapt the methods used to the level of the pupil. I like to work to build confidence in mathematics so that my pupils are confident and enjoy some challenge in the work so that ultimately they look forward to a test rather than worry. I like to be target driven and will encourage my pupils to set realistic but achievable targets to aim for and to be positive. I will assist in this by assessing them early and help them decide this target using my professional insight. I take pride in the achievements of my students and work hard to ensure their ultimate success.

If you are looking for a tutor I would also hope that although I had to enter a rate for the tutoring and a distance travelled for this Tutoring Agency, I am open to negotiate around this to reach a suitable fee that we can both agree on depending on individual factors.


5 (3 reviews)
Rufna I

Very good tutor , patient and helps a lot with exam techniques. Helps with anything the student asks, he’s very organised and has all the materials such as study books etc.

Angie R

My son has had 2 lessons now and is already feeling more confident. He likes the way Anthony explains things and is definitely benefiting already. He is looking forward to his next lesson and I would definitely recommend Anthony as a tutor.

Lisa F

Anthony very professional and up to date with new GCSE curriculum, runs through exam papers and questions which my daughter struggles with thoroughly. Very happy he is our tutor.

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