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Alejandra M

5 (2 reviews)

Hello. My name is Alejandra Medina, and I am 27 years old. I like teaching and I have experience in it, a couple of years a go I did an internship in the amazon region of Colombia with indigenous schools for teaching social sciences while writing an ethnography. This opportunity showed to me that I enjoy teaching. Furthermore, I think I am very good at it because I have patience and I can review and go over the same subjects all over again until the concept or idea is totally understood. Also, I am a creative person, so I am good at finding new ways of explaining ideas or concepts. I am fan of using practical and real life examples for applying the knowledges that are being thought.

I am very social and enthusiastic, and I make friends easily. I have a really flexible schedule and few classes at school, so with me it is easy to set up and appointment. I can give the classes in my house or in yours, I don’t have any problem moving around.
I am looking for teaching so I can fund my living in Brighton until August while I make my masters degree in Development and Governance.
More information about me: I used to work with the Colombian' government in the National Land Agency, where I had to gathered with other governmental institutions for linkages and cooperation among them. Furthermore, I have a cat that I love back at home and that I miss very much.


5 (2 reviews)
Lola C

alejandra is a great tutor, very efficient and understanding, and friendly!

Liz J

Really supportive and pleasant tutor. Alejandra took the time to understand my level of knowledge so that we can build on this. She is a native Spanish speaker who is studying in English so has a true insight into the process of learning a language. She is good at setting homework too!

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