IB Math Studies, Business St, ESS and Economics tutor

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Aastha P


I am 21-year-old studying masters at Cardiff University and tutoring on a part-time basis. I have studied IB Diploma and am able to teach it to students as well as make it enjoyable for them. I am available for teaching most evenings and weekends.
I have experience in per tutoring throughout school and degree years and am confident that I will be able to convey the lessons to the students in a manner that is most suitable to them and makes their understanding better.
I am also willing to help the students with their IAs if need be and make sure that it is up to the mark. Students can feel free to ask questions as many times as they would like and am reachable to them anytime for any query that they may have and would try to revert ASAP.
I have a passion for Economics and Business studies and would be able to help best in these two subjects, however, I am well equipped with knowledge for math and ESS and would happily teach either of the subjects as per the requirement.

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