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Anca M

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I am a Qualified teacher, with a BCs in Biology and a BCs and MSc in Environmental Geograhy.

I always loved biology.Medical school was my first idea of career in highschool but in the last year I changed my mind and decided that I wanted more than to learn only for myself;I wanted to help others understand biology better!

Why!?Because is important to know it..nature, the human body, the environment are all part of our

Geography came second, but in close connection with biology.I love everything related to the earth, environment and the connections between them!

It is probably one of the most challenging jobs, but this is what it makes me do it!

Tutoring, as a side of teaching, gives you the chance to focus on one brain, one student and this way help them understand the topic better and how everything is connected.

I like my lessons to be open, as a discussion between the tutor and the student, because I believe that learning is easier when you discover the information yourself, not when it’s just given to you.

I want my students to enjoy their lessons and I am trying to make my lesson exciting by using games, stories and different things, because I believe learning is easier when it’s fun.


4 (1 reviews)
Nnenna O

Quickly got to grip with the needs of my son. Clear lesson plans. Structured approach.

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