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Ceres B

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I am an English and Portuguese teacher trained in Brazil, home of amazing cultures, where there is a great demand, mainly in companies, for professionals of this area.
In college, I studied Business Administration and Pedagogy, adding to the comprehension of the business world, the development of my style of teaching.
My students are the center of my classes. I avoid leaving questions unanswered and I don't believe that the teacher knows everything and the student, no matter how young he or she is, knows nothing. The expertise and insights of my students are crucial for building the confidence they need to learn a new language.
In these 8 years of teaching, my students were of different ages and backgrounds. I taught children of 6 years old, and before coming to the UK, seniors up until 82 years old!
With each group I could learn that not all students have the same needs or styles of learning. With that I valued the flexibility that the professional must have, to reinvent themselves to suit the needs of the students.
All of that just made me love what I do, and try to transform that love into dedication and effort.


5 (1 reviews)
Nooya R

Ceres was on time, i benefit from her proofreading, she explained for me and checked my work well. I am willing to take with esson again

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