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Sam B

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My strongest expertise lies in the subjects of history and politics which, when taken together, gives me an advantage of being able to offer insights from a different perspective. Both of these subjects I'm currently studying at University and am averaging a high first currently.

In politics my specialties are ideology and international politics. However, I'm also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to: political science in general; the British political system and how it works; political economy and American politics. That's far from an exhaustive list and political fields are far too expansive to pigeon hole into particular categories, so if there's anything else ask away and I might be able to help.

As for history, I'm far more of a modern historian, particularly accomplished in studies of post-war Britain, twentieth century Spain, twentieth century Germany, modern genocides, and modern international political movements (such as Anarchism and Marxism). Again, because I take an internationalist approach to history, those areas are just what springs to mind as I write this bio, so if you think I might be able to help with something then please do ask away.

Personally I believe teaching facts is only the smallest part of teaching, what's far more important, particularly in these subjects, is understand how the 'facts' fit together to form the subject itself. That's why my approach is very relaxed, often conversational (although I will provide resources, facts and information because they ARE important) in order to help you understand the broad arguments, subjects and ideas.


5 (1 reviews)
Lucy L

Absolutely fantastic!

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