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Saeid T

4.8 (26 reviews)

I am a Master Degree student in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at university of Sheffield. I have taught since 2009 in Mechanical Engineering schools, civil engineering Schools and a College for undergraduate students and students who want to attend to university and need the top score.

I have published two books for engineering students of universities, Mathematics and statics, named ‘’Differential equations and its application in mechanical engineering’’ and ‘’ Beam, Frame, and its diagram’’.

One of my tasks is to recognise the students' weaknesses and strength in the first session before starting the lesson and then teach them properly. Another task is to give examples which show clearly the bond between theory and industry.

I teach the below courses for GCSE, A-Level, and University:
Mathematics, Differential Equations, Advances Engineering Mathematics, Static, Mechanics of Materials, Mechanics,stress Analysis, Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamic of Machinery.

Just get in touch and I will happily let you know how I can help you.


4.8 (26 reviews)
Olisa O

Very punctual, and explain very concept and theory very very clearly! Making it every easy to comprehend.

Would definitely recommended!

Qais A

I joined mechanical engineering and got lost at the start.........I couldnt find my way through textbooks.....Mr Saeid got me on tract.....and I knew im feeling secured now that I found the right person in the right time........he is so organized.....comes to lessons on time ....has tools to simplify difficult topics ......any topic he teaches me becomes easily digested and simplified ......he made it easy to me to continue in mechanical engineering.....esp. that he can teach me many topics all through the year and the coming years.........I feel he made me secure that I can continue in mechanical engineering.......Im blessed to have him my tutor......He is highly recommended and Im grateful to him........and without him I couldnt have made it..........I wish him all the best all the time

Shabraiz M

The tuition he gives is rubbish and doesn't focus on the concepts you want to, he will easily try to change your mind by hiding his non experience with working with children. He me in the tuition lesson of me cheating, reply rude. Do not recommend, be aware people your teacher can be your worst nightmare. I put my trust and this happens. He also arrives late and leaves early and says I'm sorry and then I'm not compensated. You decide if this tutor can be trusted or not?

Danny H

Very Nice guy and helpful with Maths tutoring.

Noor K

Very friendly and helpful! Clear and precise understanding of the topics he teaches.

Jeremy N

Saeid is very knowledgeable about the subject, and definitely knows what he’s doing. He is clear when explaining topics and is also very patient. The homework set also helps out a lot. I would recommend Saeid to anyone looking for a good tutor.

Sadiya F

Saeid is an excellent tutor. He knows how to involve the student in the lesson. My son really greatly benefited and enjoyed his lessons with him. Thanks Saeid.

Diana S

A truly great tutor! He thoroughly explains each concept until the student understands it and gives homework which is relevant to the concept learnt on the day. I strongly recommend him to any student who would like to excel in their exams!

Marion Q

Saeid is a very understanding man, well educated and an asset to Tutora. I would highly recommend him to anyone struggling with maths. My son has come on leaps and bounds thank you saeid 5* service

Kirsten M

Saeid was half an hour late for my son's first maths lesson as he missed the bus which I didn't mind at the time. The lesson went well & he explained everything really well throughout so we agreed for him to return the following week however Saeid text me 20 minutes before the next lesson stating he'd got on the wrong bus and wanted to cancel the lesson. He then text back asking to cancel the lessons altogether due to the travel issues. I feel that he shouldn't have agreed to commit in the first place without looking into the travel arrangements as he knew where I lived when he agreed to tutor. This was the third & final time I had used Tutora without success.

Ian G

very helpful really knows his stuff. Clearly explains the work and leaves no stone unturned.

Sarah W

My son is currently having lessons with Saeid to prepare him for his a-level maths exams. I would highly recommend him he is an excellent teacher and so knowledgeable on the subject. From the first lesson my son has become more confident and enthusiastic about the subject. There are so many tutors to choose from but I definitely made the right choice and we are lucky to have such an amazing tutor.

Hussein H

Helped me out a lot with my first year civil engineering maths, taught me a lot of different methods to work out different questions and prepared me for my upcoming exams. Brilliant tutor with a lot of experience.

Shazia R

My son is very happy with his maths tutor. He is explaining the problems in very easy way . I will strongly recommend him to the other students.

Muhammad Ali R

Saeid is a brilliant tutor. He takes the time, and more importantly the effort, to fully ensure that you understand the topic. He covers a lot of work within the lesson, however you never feel rushed, as he still manages to teach you at the right pace, ensuring that you learn it, instead of just being able to answer the questions. Great tutor

Jess D

I really recommend Saeid as he is a great and friendly tutor, he took the time to go over everything I wanted to learn clearly and didn't move on until I understood it :)

Rahima B

he's very patient and has efficient methods to help make you understand the work and explains it very well.

Julita L

I will strongly recommend Saeid. Very friendly personality . The way he teaches is fantastic. My daughter is very happy with his way of explanation of the problem.

Julita L

My daughter is very happy with her maths tutor. He is explaining the problems in very easy way . I will strongly recommend him to the other students. His personality is very friendly. Yes, he is very good.

Wajahat A

Saeid was a great teacher, he took his time to explain each topic and made sure I understood it well before we could move on. I would recommend anyone to contact him, if you want to achieve top grades in maths.

Ryan P

I would recommend Saeid to anyone looking for a tutor. He takes his time to explain everything in a way that's easy to understand and welcomes you to question things that you find complicated.

Rochelle H

He is a very good tutor. He is always on time and he is very good at taking the time to explain points that I am unsure about.

Khadija E

Very good at explaining, learnt a lot. Definitely recommended.

Miss J

Great tutor so far very supportive and encouraging and has made a difference in a short amount of time.

Phil C

very good tutor always on time and if the lesson slightly runs over he will finish at a suitable point and not just want to get off , I would easily recommend him to anybody else

Peter M

Saeid has been a brilliant tutor for my son. He takes his time to explain things and my boy is enjoying his tutorials.

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