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Thomas G

5 (6 reviews)

I am a recent graduate of the University of Bath with a Masters Degree in Physics, and prior to that was a student of John Mason School, Abingdon, leaving with a strong set of GCSEs and A Levels.

Maths and Physics have always been passions of mine throughout my academic career, and I am excited to share the knowledge that I have attained during my studies with younger students, helping them to reach their full potential.

I offer tutoring from GCSE to A Level, in Maths, Physics and Further Maths (the subjects that I am best qualified to teach). I will spend time understanding which areas of the subject the student finds most difficult, and then build sessions around their specific needs to help advance their abilities as effectively as possible.

I am flexible with regard to hours and so can work around your schedule and find a time that's right for you.


5 (6 reviews)
Abby J

I’ve had tutoring with Tom for the last 4 months leading up to A Level exams. With his help I’ve gone into my maths exams feeling so much more confident than I believe I would have done if I didn’t have a tutor. He has helped me to improve my maths ability more than I thought was possible and he always finds the best and most appropriate questions to work on during tutoring. I would recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for a maths tutor because he has pushed me beyond what I thought was my potential and he is a super friendly guy!

Michael G

Thomas has been a great help to my son who is currently going through his GCSEs. As Thomas is quite young, he knows what my son is going through so understands his needs. Thomas knows the current methods of teaching which has helped my son to understand those methods fully. I have seen a vast improvement in my son since Thomas started teaching him.

He is also quite flexible in timing and works with you if you have any problems.

I give a firm 5 star rating for Thomas and would recommend him to anyone interested in finding a tutor.

Sabiha A

Tom has been tutoring my brother for a while now and he's been absolutely fantastic. My brother can find school work difficult but feels excited and happy to learn with Tom- he says the lessons are interesting and Tom makes it easy for him to understand maths. Tom has also been very professional, punctual, quick to respond, and flexible when we've needed to move things around. We're very happy to have him and would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking for a maths tutor in the area.

Hazel B

Tom is very polite and relaxed he tutors two of my children whom both say he explains maths problems well and supports learning by looking for methods to make understanding easier and teaches at a speed suitable to them - As a parent I hear Feedback on the lesson from Tom and I am able to ask any questions I may have - overall I would recommended Tom happily

Dareen K

My son really enjoys his lessons with Tom. Tom makes the lessons easy. My son is looking foreword to more lessons with Tom .

Mohamed S

Mohamed is really happy with the support that Thomas is giving him and wishes to continue with his tutoring.

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