The Ultimate Revision Guide

Using a Tutor to Get Top Grades

When it comes to revision, everybody has their own techniques. Doing a set amount of hours every day, one day on - one day off or even the dreaded cramming it all in the night before the exam. Having private tuition can really help with your revision and your overall grades, in fact, just 6 lessons with a tutor can help you improve by a whole grade!

Instead of having to sit in a classroom for 5/6 hours a day, you get to choose the length of your lesson and where it takes place. Whether that place is your home, the tutor's home or a public place such as a library. It really allows you to learn in the perfect environment for you, in a time frame that you feel comfortable with. This way you know that you’re going to be able to concentrate the entire time, which in turn helps you take in and remember the information you’re learning.

Another great benefit of using a tutor is that you can focus on the parts of the subject that you struggle with. For example, you may be confident when it comes to algebra but really struggle with geometry. With a tutor you can specify what you need help with and they can focus on that with you, however if you’re in a maths lesson at school, unfortunately you cannot pick the specific topic you need help with.

Whether you prefer to be talked through the reasons behind things and how to do it, or you prefer to answer past questions and then receive feedback on your answers, there is a tutor who can help you with that. Tutors can spend time getting to know what you want to learn, how you learn best and then creating a lesson plan for this, tailoring it to your specific needs.

Receiving lessons in a one-to-one scenario helps a lot of students increase not only their grades, but their overall understanding of the subject. You can get the tutor to slow down if you’re struggling to keep up, to go over something again and give a more in depth explanation of why.

Using a website like Tutorful makes it easier than ever to find a tutor. Search for the subject you need, the level you’re learning (GCSE, A-Level, etc.) and you’ll be shown all the tutors who match your needs. 

It has become increasingly more common to have one-to-one tuition in recent years and it’s a perfect way to help with revision.