The Ultimate Parents Guide to Back to School After Lockdown (GCSE level)

The Ultimate Parents Guide to Back to School After Lockdown (GCSE level)

It's safe to say the word "unprecedented" has been used a lot in recent months. The reason for this is obvious. Times have changed dramatically. The way we shop, the way we work, the way we live has shifted. And one of the biggest disruptions happened in schools.

As you know, the education sector was hit hard by the pandemic. Schools were closed, then briefly reopened for select students, before closing again for the Summer. Your children's learning will have been impacted massively by the school lockdowns.

The Summer Holidays can often have a negative effect on education. It can take up to two months for your children to start remembering what they learnt in the previous school year. Add that to the several months when children were missing school and it seems that they’ll need extra support to catch up.

This is important for every child, but even more so for GCSE pupils. Children moving into Year 10 or 11 in September are entering one of the first major milestones of their lives. The pandemic has threatened to derail them.

Fortunately, with a bit of work, we can help your child to catch up and get back on track. By establishing a routine, providing extra lessons, and encouraging them to engage with their GCSE topics, we can make sure they get the grades they deserve.

Of course, it's not all about the grades. The disruption has also had a negative effect on mental health. Anxiety, in particular, is a common concern amongst parents right now. With that in mind, we'll also be looking at ways in which we can ease any mental health issues that may arise.

For parents of children with special educational needs, such as autism or dyslexia, the effects of the pandemic may be further exaggerated. As a result, we've included a section specifically for SEN children.

Whilst it might seem like an impossible task now, we believe that every child can get back into the swing of learning. With hard work and determination, your child can come through this completely unscathed. This guide is here to show you how.

You can read it through from cover to cover, or you can jump around to relevant sections as you see fit. We've also packed the guide full of handy advice from experienced tutors and mental health professionals, so keep an eye out for those.

Thanks for choosing to read this guide. Together, we can help your child catch up with their learning, get the grades they want, and most importantly, keep them happy.

None of the organisations who have contributed to this guide have done so on a paid basis or as an endorsement of this site. Our shared aim is to disseminate best practice and spread knowledge to parents, students and educators.

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