Tutorful Reports - how to improve learning using digital technology

Improving Learning Through Digital Technology - Leon Hady

Occupation: Founder 

Company: Guide Plus 

Location: Raithby, Lincolnshire 

About business: Parents, community leaders and aspiring educators can access the world's only video library of expertise designed specifically so those without formal training can learn how to become a better educator. 

About expert: Leon Hady is the founder of Guide Plus and former headteacher who led his school to OFSTED 'Outstanding', the highest government rating.

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1. What's the biggest benefit of online learning vs a traditional classroom setting? 

With online learning, the ability to have immediate feedback is now easier than ever before. Whether it's written, through voice notes or video, learners can gain quick, specific feedback and can have additional 1:1 sessions with their teacher/tutor in order to support or deepen their learning.

2. Should schools and the government pilot a hybrid / remote learning model to allow children to be homeschooled?

A hybrid/remote learning model targeted at students who may otherwise not be able to access learning, would open up a high standard of education to every child. Online learning offers accessibility of education for all children regardless of their circumstances and offers an education pathway to those who, without the opportunity to access learning online, would otherwise miss significant learning opportunities and access to a high-quality education.

3. How do you think remote schooling could work best / be managed? 

Remove the technology barrier and ensure students and learners have access to the technology needed to participate. Maintain clear guidance and communication on expectations, timings, and structure so that parents and carers and learners have a clear understanding of when and how to use and navigate the chosen platform. Consistent communication between school and home is the bridge in making remote learning a success.

4. How do you think digital learning will change the future of education? 

Digital learning is going to increase access to many more people from around the world where access to high-quality expertise is a click away, meaning digital learning can open the doors for people around the world from behind the screen of a phone, laptop, or desktop without the constraints of pace, time and location.

5. How can the government help improve digital learning? 

By supporting the access of training and development of digital skills for parents, community educators and teachers.

6. What advice would you give to your younger self while at school? 

Invest some time into trying to understand what trends are and remember that the people that were giving me advice within the school could only give advice within the construct of what they know. They wouldn't be able to advise on the future because they're involved with solidifying the past and aren't necessarily involved with what would be coming.

7. What was your biggest struggle in school, and how did you overcome it? 

My biggest struggle in school was being the only non-white child. There were struggles with racism and with being placed into a second tier. You simply put your head down and get on with things.