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Romeo and Juliet in a nutshell

Idea in a nutshell submitted by Katherine, English tutor, Tutorful

Despite the fact two families, 'both alike in dignity' have been fighting for generations, all it takes is one look for Romeo and Juliet to become 'star-crossed lovers', determined to be together at all costs. 

Faced with an arranged marriage and a boyfriend who find himself banished after killing her cousin (who, admittedly, killed Romeo's best friend), Juliet hatches a plan to fake her own death. Of course, the letter telling Romeo it's a scheme doesn't reach him, and he breaks into her tomb and poisons himself other side...providing a bit of a shock for Juliet who kills herself to reunite both her and Romeo, and their families when they hear the news.

We all know the story, but this is a play about youth: Romeo and Juliet are teens following their infatuation. Destiny, fate and the stars were science in Shakespeare's time, and Romeo's devotion to Juliet is, therefore 'scientifically proven'. It's a play about faith too. Juliet's insistence on marriage, their instant connection based on holy imagery mirror their faith that they'll be together.

Of course, for the bloodthirsty among us, this is an incredibly violent play with a huge body count. Shakespeare's London was a violent place so this would just be current events for his fans. If you're not already convinced how wonderful this play is, watch out for Mercutio's constant rude humour and trash talk. 

Conversation Starter: William Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language, he is credited by the Oxford English Dictionary for introducing 3000 words to the English Language. If you could create 5 new words, what would they be and what would they mean?

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