The Complete Parents' Guide to GCSEs

GCSEs represent a major coming of age milestone for thousands of 16-year-olds across the UK every year. For many, GCSEs are the final path to their first career. For others, the exams are a stepping stone to an exploration of a brand new sphere of learning.

For parents though, GCSEs can be complex, confusing and outright daunting. Many parents in the UK have no idea how to help their child with GCSE revision or have very little insight into the examinations as a whole.

We want to make sure you’re providing the most effective support you possibly can. This is why we’ve collaborated with GSCE exam boards OCR and WJEC, the NSPCC and Manchester Metropolitan University to offer you expert GCSE advice and teenager support tips.

This guide is so much more than an explanation of GCSEs. We’ll guide you through different critical points in your teenager's education and how to support them - from expert Q & As to help with GCSE subject choice dilemmas, to motivational advice if your child just won't revise and 8 ways to help your child smash grade expectations at school.

Keep an eye out at the end of each chapter for top family bonding activities, that’ll not only bring you closer to your child but make your days that little bit brighter too! 



9th May 2018