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UCAS: Deadlines and 3 Genius Ways to Get Extra UCAS Points

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We want to make sure you understand the UCAS process in its entirety, which is why we've broken down the next year into the key dates you need to know for your university application. We've also made UCAS tariff points understandable, calculable, and found 3 genius ways to get additional UCAS points. 

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2019 UCAS deadline timeline 

Get yourself a diary, so you can set aside dates to learn specific concepts, ideas, and stay on top of all your projects. These diaries came on top of the pile when we surveyed students to find out their top organisational picks based on value and quality.

The dates vary between courses and course providers, so it's worth checking specific course requirements if you know where you would like to apply .

15 October 2019

When applying for Oxford, Cambridge or most courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science - you should submit your application and reference by 6pm. 

15 January 2020

Applications and references for the majority of undergraduate courses should arrive at UCAS by 6pm. 

25 February 2020

Extra starts for eligible applicants.

24 March 2020

Various art courses have a deadline of 6pm on this day. Be sure to check specific entry requirements for your course. And remember - you can submit early if you're confident! 

30 June 2020

If an application is sent to UCAS by 6pm on the 30th, they'll send it to the chosen universities or colleges. Applications received after this date will automatically be entered into Clearing.

5 July 2020

This is the last date for applicants to add an Extra choice.

31 August 2020

The deadline for any remaining conditions to be met – otherwise the university or college might not accept the applicant. This day also marks the end of Adjustment.

21 September 2020

The final deadline for applications to 2020 courses. Applications must arrive at UCAS by 6pm.

20 October 2020

The deadline for adding Clearing choices, and for universities or colleges to accept applicants in Clearing.

What are UCAS tariff points?

As well as grades and specific qualifications, there are various universities across the UK who will ask for UCAS points as part of their entry requirements. These are a bit of a pain to calculate, but hopefully our handy tariff points table will help do some of the tedious work for you. If your qualifications aren’t in the table, don’t worry about this - just check the specific entry requirements for your course, or ask admissions departments direct if you still have any questions. 

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UCAS tariff points table

3 genius ways to get extra UCAS points

1. Volunteer

ASDAN offer community-based courses that can get you plenty of extra UCAS points, such as the CoPE (16 UCAS points) and Wider Key Skills (3 different qualifications available, 8 points each). 

Ask your school or college about undertaking these courses to up your UCAS points!

2. Take an extra AS Level

Think about any subjects you like the sound of, making sure you can see yourself able to work around your current schedule. Here’s a handy list of subjects you could consider picking up at AS level to boost those points for your university application.

3. Learn an instrument (or get graded)

Learning an instrument in a year or two is easier said than done. However, if you see yourself as a competent musician already, and are yet to be examined, this one could be for you! Any grade above 6 will earn you precious points in your university application.

With a private music tutor, you can get graded in as little as a few weeks! This tool will help you find the best music tutor for you, whatever your location. You can even read tutor reviews, sign up, and make inquiries with music tutors for free! 

4. Become a tutor

This one won't actually get you any extra UCAS points, but it will make universities LOVE you! 

Simply sign up to become an online tutor for your subject. You can earn some money to put towards your freshers year and show that you have the expertise to help others.

For more ways to stand out in your university application, see 8 genius ways to make your university application stand out.

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